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With more than 25 years of experience we have built an enviable reputation for providing cost effective, innovative and high-quality solutions for a wide range of clients – often to very demanding programmes.

Evolving in-line with the ever-increasing constraints and demands of the construction industry, EMG delivers a flexible and often bespoke approach to align ourselves with and exceed the requirements of all Clients regardless of size or sector.

We accept that like any company offering products and services - we are only as good as our last project. It is this mindset that drives the team to ensure that all systems and resources are robust, our personnel are fully trained and that all latest government and industry health and safety guidelines are both adhered to and exceeded. Continual assessment and improvement is a mainstay of the culture that drives who we are and what we do.



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Using a combination of traditionally recognised methods and modern innovation, we provide all aspects of groundwork services including residential, commercial, civil and utilities works, managing the contract from beginning to end.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, monitoring systems, QA procedures and Health and safety standards. Alongside this, our civil engineering team using the most up-to-date surveying equipment to ensure that not only is quality and accuracy preached, but it is also monitored and recorded.


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Bulk earthworks and earthmoving projects are often mismanaged and completed using plant and equipment that is not fully fit for purpose. We see bulk earthworks as an art form and using a vast array of specialist plant and equipment operated by experienced operatives, we provide a service which is safe, fast and provides an end product that all involved can be proud of.


We have saved our clients vast sums of money through reduced programmes and value engineering on filling methods which ensures that we remain one of the regions go-to contractors for bulk earthwork.

Land Remediation

The increase in the development brownfield sites has led to the requirement for remediation to become common place. From naturally occurring contaminants to man-made issues such as asbestos, EMG have the experience and knowledge to plan and execute site wide remediation strategies to maximise the value of potential sites while keeping costs to a minimum. 


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Drainage and utility installation form a part of the vast majority of projects undertaken by EMG. Varying in complexity from shallow house drainage to deep, large diameter pipe and culvert installation, EMG have the experience and capability to provide the solution.


We have vast experience in main sewer installations, both on new and existing infrastructure working in partnership with many of the largest developers in the country alongside the relevant local authorities. 


Our dedicated deep drainage teams have over 120 years of combined experience in installing drainage at depths in excess of 3.5m. Often working in tricky ground conditions or on tight developments, this experience is invaluable throughout the planning and execution phases to ensure that efficiency and safety standards are fully maintained.


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Concrete Crushing & Recycling

Project planning, the supply of in-house plant and machinery together with a dedicated workforce all form part of our ‘one-stop’ solution for all demolition requirements. Deliberate sequencing and segregation are also standard practice to allow the recycling of demolished material for re-use where possible.


From single story structures to multi-level reinforced concrete structures, our experience in demolition means that we are perfectly placed to provide a solution that fits your requirements.


All of our experienced site managers are fully qualified in both supervision and first aid to ensure that all works are managed effectively and that safety in what is a high risk operation, remains of absolute and paramount importance.


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Following the successful delivery of thousands of homes across the South West, the housing sector remains a core strength for EMG working with all of the nations most recognised developers.


Foundations & Reinforced Concrete Structures

A critical element for any development; the foundations; our structural engineers can work with your preferred team of builders, architects and project managers delivering the right foundations for the project. Comfortable and experienced with all types of foundation construction, we will be able to provide a cost effective and efficient solution.

EMG Construction has in-depth knowledge with a range of concrete and composite structures, retaining walls, etc, and we are able to give our clients total confidence in all aspects for both finish and quality.


Critical to any development is the landscaping approach and delivery. Urban design might have once been an overlooked feature… today it has become an integral part to many projects. For positive, lasting first impressions with all stakeholders including adhering to the NPPF guidelines talk to us.  Our approach is strategic based on the environment with realistic design flair.  Our team of landscape professionals will determine the best green approach for any given site – ensuring longevity with the initial investment.

From architectural design to simple ground maintenance; we offer a complete range of both hard and soft landscaping services with a range of concrete and composite structures, retaining walls.


By working closely with clients and the supply chain throughout the project life cycle, we combine creative planning, design and construction services to develop the most appropriate infrastructure solutions for urban and rural schemes, ensuring we exceed customer expectations every time. Our teams can mobilise quickly and focus on innovative engineering techniques and advanced technologies to minimise waste and reduce costs. By utilising and operating our in-house extensive range of up-to-date plant and equipment, EMG Construction can create better value and increased efficiencies for Clients. Our experienced civil engineers know what it takes to deliver a programme of works to satisfy a client’s requirements. At EMG we also understand the necessity of providing solutions that address not just today’s but tomorrow’s infrastructure requirements.



EMG Construction advocates being involved as early as possible in our clients’ projects, ideally from the initial project scoping and feasibility. This allows us to input into how the project will take shape and add our experience in buildability, in-house technical proficiency, experience from other similar schemes, knowledge of how much construction costs and our awareness of the potential implications of planning constraints.

By entering into negotiations with EMG at an early stage, our customers can enjoy continuity of service with assured quality – saving time, money and effort.

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Bulk Earthworks
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Early Contractor Involvement
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